cdr analysis

Our CDR Analyst Software Features

CDR Analysis User Friendly and Easy to Operate.
CDR Analysis Maximum IMEI with Total Calls Details.
CDR Analysis Root Map and Table.
CDR Analysis Print Reports.
CDR Analysis Search within Search (Filtering).
CDR Analysis Tower Data Uploading, Searching Facility.
CDR Analysis Daily IMEI Tracking with First Call Cell-ID Address.
CDR Analysis Google location Map with Cell-ID Address.
CDR Analysis Open and Save Facility.
CDR Analysis Graphically Analysis.
CDR Analysis Daily First and Last Calls Details with Cell-ID Address.
CDR Analysis Separate Details For Roaming Calls.
CDR Analysis Export with Different Formats.
CDR Analysis Mobile Data File Splitter Facility.
CDR Analysis New Numbers Identifier from Date Range.
Mobile CDR Analysis
Types of
Call Data Report (CDR)
Mobile CDR Analysis
Personal : CDR of Accused, Suspect or Victim etc
Site : CDR of a particular Tower / BTS
IMEI : CDR of a particular Mobile Handset
IP : Internet Protocol CDR or IPDR
About CDR Analyst
Implementing Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis
CDR Analysis Investigation
CDR Analyst is Smart Solution for Mobile Records investigation. Smart way of investigation, reduce time consumption and provide results in short time. Through this you will analyze call records, and get various types of desired reports in few minutes. This software mainly used by investigation departments like police department, Special Crime investigation Departments etc.
Cell Global Identity / Identifier
(MCC     +     MNC     +     LAC     +     CID     =     CG I)
404 - 60 - 55510 - 38027
Mobile Country Code
Mobile Network Code
Location Area Code
Cell ID